Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's raining.. it's pouring.

but what's new in Everett, WA? Yeah.. the same ole winter weather. & it's nearly 80* in Hawaii where Sailor is. Jealous? You effin betcha!

I added a DOM without the %'s so it wouldn't violate OPSEC. I'm super stoked that we're THIS close to being done.

& this is an article the Lincoln posted on their Facebook yesterday:

Ahhhh & Sailor is already texting me!!! They haven't been on US soil since Sept 11, 2010. I bet it's totally different to actually be around people who speak English as their first language. Hurry home!!


  1. I"m feeling the awesome weather here! Sucks right? Usually it's a bit nicer this time of year, but we've been having a crappy winter/spring.

  2. Hey I'm in Hawaii!! Dont worry youre not missing much, its been raining almost constantly for the last few days. Its warm but gloomy!

  3. Actually, I am missing a lot. The sun. Winter in W. WA = rainnnnnn. Constantly. & major over cast.

    He's in Waikiki so I checked the weather - no rain for the time he's there. He's at the beach right now :/ without me. Grrrr.