Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This blog will be all over the place - fair warning.

Today was my Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh-in & I've lost an additional 3lbs which totals up to 19lbs in a month! :) Every time I weigh-in it tells me I'm losing too much too fast. Oh yeah? 3lbs in a week is too much? I can understand if they're doing it as an average for my weekly weigh-in but every week is totally different.

As of seeing a difference in my body - I'm starting to but it's nothing major. My jeans fit a little better around the waist & my shirts are fitting better (my boobs/tummy are getting smaller). I'm not all that happy about my boobs getting smaller even though it will help my back and I'm sure Sailor won't be too thrilled but he'll live. My rear on the other hand? I'm pretty sure it's not going anywhere anytime soon (thankfully). I'm kind of glad, though. I'm so used to it being there that it would be weird if I lost it while losing weight every where else.

Along with the weight loss, I need to start keeping up with my measurements. All I have is a construction type tape measure & I really need a sewing/craft one so I can use it better & get better measurements. I'm pretty sure I'm losing lots of inches in my tummy area. Too bad stretch marks don't reverse :/

On to other things:
I haven't been home since.. Saturday sometime. Bad, I know but I'm just paranoid about staying there alone again. & I'm catching up with a few friends before our husbands get back & I go back to work on Thursday. I stayed in Oak Harbor until yesterday afternoon, went by & checked my mail then came over to my other friend's apartment to help her unpack/keep her toddler busy. I stayed last night because before I realized how late it had actually got - it was almost midnight. I did not want to go home alone that late at night. Nor did I want to have to use my pepper spray on some turd knocker. We ran tons of errands today with the girls and her son. Got the girls this huge dog bed from Petco. Starting Thursday they're going to be staying in the kitchen while I'm at work. I'm done with the 'accidents' off of their potty pads & because Lola doesn't use them out of spite. & in the kitchen, I can mop it up - it won't stain. Problem solved!! I have a steam cleaner and I even cleaned my carpets before I went to TN back in Nov but when I came back the stains were back. Freakin pointless BUT it does make me feel cleaner.

Meal planning? For a family of 2? hmm...
Yeah, we're gonna try it. I planned out the whole month after Sailor gets back home with different meals and the only exception is Monday. Monday we can either have left overs if there are any OR we can go out to eat. Since we don't have any kids, we get date nights pretty often. We usually don't go out a lot anyways but this will give us time to just go & enjoy our time :)

Some (not really some) of the things I have planned for meals are:

  1. Hamburger Helper - because it's super easy, cheap and quick. Plus, Sailor LOVES it. & there are millions of different kinds.
  2. Grilled Chicken with 2 sides
  3. Hamburger Steaks with 2 sides
  4. Homemade Potato soup
  5. Tacos
  6. Taco Salad
  7. Left Overs/Out to eat
  8. Pork Chops with 2 sides
  9. Salads
  10. Pot roast
  11. Homemade chicken & dumplins
  12. Cubed steaks with 2 sides
  13. Hamburgers
  14. Grilled Chicken salad
  15. Country Fried Steak with 2 sides
  16. Breakfast for dinner
  17. Meatloaf
  18. Steamed rice (need a rice cooker) & carne asada.
  19. Homemade chicken pot pie
I couldn't really decide how to make it random other than putting it into a random number generator and doing it that way. This is actually more than enough for a month but I'm testing it out to see how well it goes without having too much leftover for just us two. So, we'll see :)

Another thing I'm working on is our budget. It's another thing we'll have to see in action to really see if it'll work for us. I should have been on a budget a long, long time ago but I couldn't find a way to make it work for US. & with him coming home, I feel like we should start doing a budget because Sailors like to spend like he's the president. And.. he's not. So, that being said - we're going to do a budget. We're basically doing the most simple budget known to man where we know exactly how much our bills are, budget in x amount a month for groceries, etc. & we still have plenty left over for things.. since we like to just 'get away' randomly or rent a million RedBox movies and forget to return them for a month. I'm just kidding but it seems that way. & all of those random "Oh my God, where did THAT money go?!" We all know it happens. & it happens to all of us.

I have a bad habit of 'Ooooh, look at that, pretty!" *beep* and it's mine. :/ It should stop soon but Sailor has a dipping habit. We all have our habits.

Sooo, what are YOUR favorite meals (with link/recipe included?)?


  1. Ohhh where are you getting all of your recipes from? I find all mine from allrecipes.com. They have some good pot roast recipes.

  2. Most of them from my mom! I use cooks.com, too :) I type in like chicken or ground beef if I'm looking for something new and that's all I have to use.

  3. I use all recipes.com too, but I just found the best blog! skinnytastes.com. She has healthy recipes and they are all based on Weight Watchers! I just made her turkey meat loaf tonight for dinner and it was really yummy! I do WW too, and this website is making my life so much easier!

    As far as the rest goes... I say, do your measurements. That way you will see progress each week even if it's not on the scale. I say, do a budget! For sure! The husband and I finally had to give in and do the same. We follow Dave Ramsey to the best of our ability. And we know a lot of people who have followed him and gotten out of debt and are doing great! I suggest you check out his website. :)

    Good luck on everything!