About Me

My name is Kimberly Mechelle. I'm 21 years old & I'm from deep down in the Bible Belt of Tennessee. My husband & I met through DEP [Navy]. It was meant to be to say the least. He's a Warrior at heart & I'm a Lady Panther from the ground up. I played softball from the time I was able to pick up a ball and glove until the day I got married. I turned 18 on May 9th, graduated May 15th, played my last softball game at State on May 16th & was married on May 19th :) We moved fast but we didn't want the Navy to get in our way. It was, is & always will be true love. We're stationed at NAVSTA Everett, WA. Hubby did boot camp in Great Lakes, A-school in Pensacola & now we're in Everett. It's our first place to call home as a married couple. I absolutely love the Pacific Northwest & I can honestly say I will be VERY sad when we have to leave. We have kicked one deployment's ass & are currently preparing for our 2nd! We're proud fur parents to two itty-bitty, girly, completely different, black & white Chihuahuas who are spoiled rotten<3

Hope you enjoy my blogging.