Saturday, February 19, 2011

Laying in vomit..

So, I'm on my brother's MacBook Pro.. I've never ever used a mac before. In my entire life. I may be behind the century but I do admire this thing. So light, & verrrrry awesome :) Nothing like my Sony Viao but little pink prissy thing gets the job done. That's all I'm looking for but I will indeed get a mac for our next laptop.. or even desktop :)

Anyways, on to my post. This is just a little update as I sit outside my brother's house on this gorgeous day! Soooo nice, a little breezy so it's making it a bit chilly but the sun feels so good on my skin. I feel like a freakin vampy. I guess that's what living in the Twilight state will do to you ;)

I posted about a week ago that last night would be the last night my nephew could stay with me since I fly back to WA next Friday, the 25th. I'm super, duper stoked but I'm sad to be leaving his little turd self! Last night definitely ended with a bang.. or started I guess you could say. Little Buggy was doing just fine last night until we started watching our movie on netflix. He wanted popcorn so I popped us a bag & then he didn't eat it. I figured he was just being a typical 4 year old. About 2 hours after we both went to sleep I woke up out of instinct I guess to a gagging noise. It was Bug.. & he was asleep while gagging/throwing up. He threw up three times in his sleep. I've never seen nor heard of a kiddo do such. I had to shake him to wake him up. I kept saying his name - he wouldn't wake up.

I suck when it comes to vomit. The smell & look of it make me want to vomit. I had to go wake my mom up to help me clean him off & clean up the bed. In the process we moved to the other room where guests sleep which is my old room since I stay in my brother's where the tv is. So.. after two hours of sleeping.. the gagging started again. So, I changed his shirt, gave him some sprite & laid a towel down after I clean off the sheet because it was 4AM.. why would I want to strip the bed & put new sheets on it when this was the 4th time he's vomited?

I felt soooo bad for him. I have no idea why he randomly started doing that. Mom thinks it's because his sinuses are draining into his tummy. Which I believe that because I get nauseas every time mine start to drain. He has been stuffy, snotty & had a runny nose for a week now. So, hopefully cold medicine & some allergy medicine with help the little guy.

Today is like a totally different day. He's just fine & it's like nothing ever happened. Playing up a storm outside with his new toys from Wal-Mart & enjoying this "really hot day" as he calls it.

& today is the day we go see Gnomio & Juliet in 3D! Yay :) I think I'm more excited than he is. ;) Monday was brother's 22nd birthday & yesterday was dad's.. well, it was just his birthday. He may kill me for putting it on the internet ;) So, we're going to our fave spot to eat - Ichiban Hibachi Steak House. I know Nora is jealous ;) & so is Sailor. That's why I didn't tell him when he called today.

Finally, I get a call from a Chattanooga number. I usually know that it means it's Sailor calling from his port which is Singapore. He got me an Orchid in a crystal type thing. I love when he gets me things that represent all the different cultures & countries he's seen. I'm so proud of his little shit ass. He bought this cell phone type thing that has 4 hours worth of minutes. & we only used about an hour worth.. which is fine because the next time he calls from a port it'll be US territory so he'll be able to use his own phone. I'm soo happy this stupid deployment is almost over & he's going to be home with me.. finally.


I'll update with my challenge &  regular post later on today when I get on my laptop :) Everyone have a splendid Saturday <3


  1. OMG, I AM jealous!!! LOL I <3 Ichiban's *sigh* Hopefully we can make it out to TN this year to visit Josh's family, then I can eat there lol.

    I'm the same way with vomit. Josh is the one that usually cleans it up as I stand with my back turned making gagging noise's LOL. I'm such a wuss.

    And on a side note....Mac's are suppose to be da bomb for photography 8)

  2. I can handle my own vomit.. even the dog's vomit. I have to pick up their poo outside, too & that doesn't even bother me but when Cody comes home from 'being out' & starts puking.. count me out! I'm in the bedroom with the TV up loud so I don't even hear him throwing up. Ugh!

    When Michael throws up.. his mommy has to clean it up. Lmao. Plus, it's a given when I child gets sick they want their momma. Cody will DEFINITELY be on puke duty when we have kids! Ugh.

    I haven't been to Ichiban in a few weeks. I'm pretty excited :) My last yummy-out-to-dinner meal before I fly out next Friday.