Saturday, February 19, 2011

VERY good Saturday! :)

My day was made when I woke up to this:
I know it seems ridiculous & corny but he's never been on Facebook since he deployed until last night (this morning for him). Since it's been posted & discussed by the official Abe Lincoln Facebook - they're in Singapore but not for much longer. I'm glad he's finally heading back to the states! & the next port he'll be able to call me from his very own phone. Not one of those phones you buy over seas & it's only good over seas. Blegh.. BUT the sound & connection was very good considering. Way better than the Sailor phones & pay phones in port.

Buggy & I went to see Gnomeo & Juliet in 3D today. SOOO cute!! I definitely want to buy it.
Buggy definitely enjoyed it. He kept talking through the whole thing telling me what was going on.. ya know, like I can't see nor hear the screen myself ;) ;) We got there with ONE minute before the movie started & had to sit right under the screen.. or that's what it felt like. 3D movies still give me a slight headache. They have improved sooo much since I was Buggy's age but they could improve a bit more.

Then we went to Ichiban :) Sailor's favorite spot & guess what.. he calls as we're about to leave. So, there goes me trying to NOT tell him we were going there. Good thing it was 7am for him & he had just woke up going to muster. It probably didn't register in his brain what I had really said - it's a good thing, too.

As an early birthday present for Buggy I bought him this:
$15 bucks at your local Wal-Mart. He loves it! It came with a small pillow, sleeping bag & a push light that can either sit on a table or hang on the wall. I know this probably sounds crazy but I'm thinking about buying a girly one for my girls to use when they're sleeping in the kitchen at night & while I'm work. Lola is into blankets & anything warm.. plus, it's still pretty chilly in WA & they're really small dogs that shiver & shake if it's below 40* outside.

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