Sunday, January 16, 2011

it's been a while..

I honestly don't know why I haven't updated in a while other than we had 8.5 inches of snow since last Sunday and we can JUST now see the ground.. but guess what. We're supposed to get even more snow. How is awesome?! Yeah, not happy. I haven't been up to anything new, obviously, because we've been snowed in but I was slowly dying of cabin fever. I finally finished season 1 & 2 of Grey's Anatomy & I'm working on Dexter season 2. That's A LOT of t.v. but really.. I'm not going outside and risking pneumonia while playing in the snow. I love looking at the snow but when it lasts for 7 days - I'm not a fan. I haven't heard much from Sailor in the past week but that's expected considering their location still [OPSEC] so I'm not going to be pissy & bitter =) I'm mailing out his LAST bunch of packages on Tuesday & getting a big tattoo on my back :) YAY! I'm soo sad I won't have fun getting packages together but it's soooo much better having him home. & I can't wait.

Tootles. Xoxox.


  1. I saw a Tweet about your blog and decided to stop by and say hi :) I would totally trade you for your weather though! I think it's because I grew up never having snow, but I can't get enough of it now! We had one day of snow and it's all melted now. Anywho... I hope you can get out of the house soon! And yay for your sailor coming home :)

  2. :) We're stationed in Everett, WA but I'm home for a few months in TN at my parents. I grew up here with no snow. This is SO UNUSUAL for us! I almost feel like the world is ending ;)

  3. That's awesome hes coming home soon! I love making carepackages and that helped keep me sane during deployments. Sorry about the snow! I'm from Ohio and I know how that goes. :c

  4. I understand about the snow. Right after Christmas we got a foot. It was pretty coming down but not so pretty to clean up.

    That is frustrating about your husband but I feel you there too. J is in contact right now but soon he won't be in contact as much because of where they're going.

    What's your tattoo going to look like? I'm getting one in February.

  5. It's so odd here in TN! I thought they were just freakin out but I guess not. We can finally see the ground! It's never looked so good. Now it's supposed to be mid 40s & rain - bye bye snow!!

    They're suuuuper busy with finishing up there exercises in OEF/OIF so I understand why he doesn't email as much as he usually does. Maybe like once a week now when it was once a day.

    It's going to be a Japanese cherry blossom branch with blossoms & the words "Everything happens for a reason" :) It's my 4th one.