Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Monday!

     Another Monday & it's the 3rd full week of January! Only one more full week until we're into February. That's awesome news for me & the rest of the families/crew for the Lincoln. I don't usually like Monday's because when I'm in WA it means I have to be at work by 6am but it's a good thing to look forward to during a deployment. Tuesdays are OUR day. Every Tuesday is another week down & another week to go but I love having many more weeks down than to go<3 It's such a stress reliever when you realize you're way past 50% down.

     Oh, and OPSEC/PERSEC. Oyyyy. If I see someone else violating OPSEC I think I might punch them through the computer. I mean.. if you don't get it or know what it is - please do us all a favor and google it or ask someone for a link. It's your friend. It's not hard to understand. I just don't get why people are still so confused on what can and can not be put on the internet, sent through email/text or even said over the phone. In person is the best policy & still.. I don't recommend that.

     I'm trying to be a 'happy camper' considering we're coming up on homecoming VERY fast & soon but when people put my husband life/homecoming in jeopardy.. the bitch will be released. I deleted TONS of people of off Facebook because of them being ridiculously immature or putting stuff out there that Facebook doesn't need to know about.

     On a good note, it's raining.. & above freezing!! Finally :) Rain & 42* never looked/felt sooo good before.


  1. Hey, just saw that you're following me. Looks like you're stationed pretty close to my sailor. He's in Bangor, WA. Well, you're closer to him than I am anyway. :)
    Anyway, just stopping my to say hi. See you around. Happy Blogging!

  2. :) where are you? Bangor is about 2 hours from us!