Tuesday, January 18, 2011

la la la la...

     Soo, got another tattoo today. It hurt. Really, really bad. I was a total wuss about it. Oh well, it's the shit :) I need to email Sailor pictures of it. I haven't heard from him in a week & totally got it without him knowing.. kinda. He loves tattoos & if I'm tasteful about it he doesn't really mind.. so, whats to worry about?

     I really wanna watch/listen to the tv right now but someone who is super smart put the remote in front of the tv.. where it obviously doesn't belong because if I got up to go to the tv why would I need the remote? Who in the hell puts the remote in front of the tv?

     By the way, I got my awesome new sample eye shadow & lip gloss from Lucky 107. LOVE it already =) The gloss is in my purse and I plan on trying out all of my new shadows very soon so I can order the regular size. She's all vegan/organic PLUS a Navy wife!! I support her because she's one of us. & I'd expect other MilSpouse girls to support me.

     I honestly don't have much to say :/ How lame of me, I know. I do have 10 followers now :) YAY! I went from like 2 to 10 in a few days. Makes me happy!!

Here's a picture of my tattoo 2 hours after it was finished:


  1. it looks sooo cool! I really like it :)

  2. I'm addicted to tattoo's as well, and so is my marine. He recently got one before he deployed and I plan on getting a new one soon too..but I love this! so cute :)