Friday, January 28, 2011

Blizzard Bloghop

The Blizzard Bloghop [Household 6 Diva] is a little contest where you can enter by simply writing up an introduction of yourself, adding your blog link on the link up & putting the badge on your page - pretty easy, right? Here goes mine..

That's meeeeeee ;)

I'm a 20 year old Navy Wife stationed in Everett, WA & from a little, itty-bitty town called Soddy-Daisy right outside of Chattanooga, TN. I graduated with 43 people from Sale Creek High - yeah, it's suuuuper small. I've played softball since I remember being able to pick up the ball, well, until I got married ;) I have one older brother who is only 15 months older than me & some of the best people in my life anyone could ask for; including my fam[ily].

I'm addicted to photography, my 2 chihuahua's & my Sailor. I can't help myself. We don't have any kiddos due to Sailor's schedule so there is NO time. Instead, our kiddos have fur & four legs. :)

Our girls - Frenchie, white & Lola, black :)

I LOVE my babies! They're everything to me. Life was way entirely too quite and boring without them because Sailor is gone so much for work ups, deployment, etc. I got Frenchie when she was only 7 months old in February 2010 & I got Lola when she was 2 [just had x amount of puppies] in July 2010. It was hard adjustment for both Frenchie and Lola to get used to one another but now they're best friends & can't even stand to be apart from one another.

Me & Cody a day after he graduated from BC
Cody & I met November 2007 & started dating Dec the same year. I knew it was true love & it would last from the very beginning. We were both in the DEP program with the Navy. My career, obviously, didn't work out but that's a long story & in the past. I honestly didn't know what I was getting myself into with DATING a soon to be Sailor but it wasn't very long until I figured it all out (or what they WANT you to know). I turned 18 on May 9, 2008, he proposed to me on May 11, 2008 & we were married on May 19, 2008. He soon left for BC on July 27, 2008 for 2 months & was in Pensacola, Fl for 7 months right away. I didn't get to move with him since his a-school was only supposed to be for 2 months & I wasn't 'permitted' to move. I worked as a CNA in TN the whole time he was gone. I loved it but apparently they didn't like the fact my husband was in the Navy & we were moving away, FAR away & very soon. He got orders to Everett, WA in March 09 & we moved April 09 - that's where our *for real* Navy Life started. Little did we know, he'd only be home for 8 months before constant work ups and preparing for OUR first deployment; mine, his & our first all at the same time. It was and still is tough.

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)

The ship that has my heart <3 Come home soon! [& fast!!]
**sorry for the f-word  but it's true & I totally agree ;)**


  1. Girl, my Daddy and Poppy are Navy Veterans. Stopping by from the blog hop, hope to see you at

  2. Sailor's grandfather is a retired Navy Vet as well :) his other grandfather is Army Vet & I have mannnnny service members on my side of the family. It's always nice when people feel your pain when Sailor can't be with us for the holidays because he's deployed.

  3. Found you from the bloghop! My hubs was also in the Navy on the USS Roosevelt. Looking forward to reading more and hope you follow me too!

  4. Great to 'meet' you! My hubby is active Army!

  5. Just stopping by via the blizzard.

    As much as I hate the 'f' word, I totally agree with that picture at this point in the deployment.

    Athena 'aka mama2six'

  6. Love the photo of the USS Abraham Lincoln.

  7. Just stopping by from Locomotion of Expressions! Found you on a blog hop! Now following! Please follow me via GFC back and lets grow each others ratings!! Cute stuff! xo
    I'm a navy wife (submariner) and I am a pull no punches kinda girl. I say whats on my mind, and that's just me!
    I have a lot of active giveaways RIGHT NOW! (13 at last count! .. all low entry!) So drop on over and follow because there are many more to come, plus I blog about our life too! (When I have the time!) Ty for reading this, have a great night!