Thursday, January 27, 2011

Homecoming. Cooking. HELP!

     So, if you have been reading you all know we're gearing up for our VERY 1st homecoming :D &.. I haven't really cooked in the past 5 months. I'm a little rusty & I want NEW, different things to whip up, bake & cook for Sailor when he gets home.

     I know how to fry a chicken breast, make hamburger steaks, soups, etc. I want some Mexican, Italian, etc recipes but I don't want them to be just any ole recipe I can get off I want something that YOU absolutely love that I can try out on Sailor :) So, even if you don't follow me or even read my blog that often [or at all] I'd still like for you to leave your favorite recipe & I'll throw it into a page for my savings & to share with other people. :)

Happy blogging & sharing!





  2. Girl can I shoot you an email, I have a ton of easy recipes that are yummy. My favorite is chicken Parm.

  3. Go right ahead! :)