Monday, June 6, 2011

a month of..

It's been one crazy month! This month, Sailor will be home for 3 months but he's also leaving again soon after that mark! This is the first underway of MANY.. pre-deployment training, LA Fleet Week, etc.. I can honestly say this is my least favorite part of the deployment cycle. We got the schedule about a week ago, I wrote it in my planner and on the calendar; I won't be looking at it until that time comes. I'm not going to dread the months to come until it's upon us.

I'm going to enjoy having him home and being a little family as much as possible while he is home.

So, that being said.. we got a letter on our door from the apartment manager stating the new rent prices. Let's just say my heart skipped about a million beats and I think I ended up having a heart attack. Since our lease was up in March & their system is just now catching up to us... our rent is going WAY up. If you don't know anything about the Everett, WA area then you'll have no idea what I'm talking about when I talk about W. Casino Road.

W. Casino Road is the worst road you could possibly live on. 17 year olds getting stabbed, shootings, cars being stolen, the list goes on.. That's where WE live right now. We pay $647 for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath 750 sq ft apartment in the ghetto. That is just the base rent which is SUPER cheap so with our water, sewage, trash & car port it's about $750 a month. Totally awesome but the area sucks (you don what you gotta do).

On June 1st, the letter that was taped to our front door showed that if we stayed month to month our BASE rent would be well over $1k a month & a year lease would be about $950 a month. That's about $300 MORE than it was a year ago and our apartment SUCKS. These apartments were built in 1972 & have been "fixed" up.. & by that I mean they paint over the old cabinets to make them look new but they obviously aren't. We talked to them & they were willing to take 25% off of the base rent which isn't much at all & doesn't even make a difference so that night we started looking for another place to live.

We're moving 1.67 miles south to a much nicer, cleaner & safer apartment complex. We have a 1 bedroom, 1 bath 770 sq ft apartment for $815 a month. We got a 12 month lease because we honestly don't know when this whole We're moving to Virginia during this next deployment because of the homeport change crap will happen. We'll be able to get out of the lease because of the most amazing thing ever invented -- The Military Clause. Ohh yeahhhh!

Soo, the past week or so I've been packing our whole life up into plastic totes and tubes. The walls feel like they're caving in & I feel like if I see one more box I may scream. We've made on trip to the liquor store and got about 7 boxes -- totally helped! I can honestly say we'll probably be making another trip to two by the time we move. We're looking at moving into our new apartment on the 15th but the big stuff won't be moved until the 18th. I'll gradually move our stuff in but the way I see it is, the sooner we move out of here, the better off we'll be. & the prorated rent will go to our move out fees. Which, I'm pretty sure will be well over $200. Cleaning fee, carpet cleaning fee & to fix a handful of things like the closet door with a hole to name one.....

So, there you have it. The past month & the next months to come are going to be insane so bare with me.


  1. Wow! Crazy crazy CRAZY!! How much is your BAH there? When we lived in New Bern, NC.. we had a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment, 960 square feet & our bah was.. $1098. It's crazy how it changes every where you go. Now we are stationed at Camp Pendleton and our BAH is $1866. But girl, I totally can relate. Paying WAY to much for crappy-ness. I'm glad you two will be moving some where nicer and safer, I hope?! haha :) Did you not want to live on base? Good luck with the packing, to bad you don't live close to me! I have a TON of containers & boxes! hah!

  2. That would be awesome if you could help! :)

    I have a friend who live in New Bern/Havelock area! :) Her husband is in the Marines.

    Our BAH is $1275 but apparently it went down for people who moved here after the first of the year.. thankfully we are set with our BAH while we're here since we've lived here for 2 years already. When we move to VA I think the BAH will be about the same, no major change. :)

    We're looking for a small house to rent when we get to VA with a small fenced in back yard because the girls need to just be able to play whenever they want.

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