Tuesday, April 12, 2011

just about everything..

I have family all over the south & so today, we went to visit my Mamaw, my mom's mom, in Scotsboro, AL. I always love the drive down there because it's usually never busy but it's soo pretty. We've really been enjoying the sunshine we've been getting the past few days we've been here, too. In WA, it's still grey, cloudy, rainy, etc. UGH! Just UGH! I can handle the normal winter there but when it's *still* raining into spring.. yeah, that annoys me. & it's really getting to me this year. Zoloft & having Sailor home just doesn't seem to be getting me out of my funk.

I guess the fact that I can't just go outside, walk around, play with M, walk the dogs, take them to the beach or just about anything without getting soaked. It's rain that... I could piss harder than! It's just enough to make everything soggy & gross. I just wanna be able to drive without using my windshield wipers! That would make my day 10x better. It's really getting that bad. & snow the first week of April? Really, WA? Really?! I'm soooo ready to be in VA it's not even funny.

& another thing about this state... oh lord. We bought our car 45 days ago to the date. I know it's been 45 days because that's how long our drive out tag lasts. & usually.. you get your registration and real plates in the mail within the first 3 or 4 weeks. Us? NOPE! 45 days & our car isn't even street legal anymore. Ugh, I know we're here in TN on leave until the 17th but our friend needs our car. & if the police get a wild hair in their ass & tow our car because the tag isn't valid, I'll be kicking some Enterprise/WA DOL ass. I'm so sick of this. & their excuse? The need the original copy of my POA.. Enterprise said they needed a copy. Enterprise is the CAR SALES. They sale cars for a living.. they should know what they need. It annoys me soo bad that they waited until our drive out tags were expired to bring this to our attention although we've talked to them a lot over the past 45 days about our loan, etc. Did they mention this to us? Hell no. I really hope this is my last experience buying a car in WA & from Enterprise. Maybe this is God's way of testing us but.. I've had enough tests lately.

& it's 930 here (central) but it's 1030 at my parents. I'm so screwed with this time & weather change. Ahh, it's going to be such a culture shock when we go back to WA. & I'm sun burnt :/ Can't say that's happened in a while since we've been in WA.

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