Thursday, April 28, 2011

4 behindd.

Day 22: Post a picture of what keeps you strong while your military S/o is away
my family.

Day 23: Post a picture and tell what your life would be like without your s/o
Empty; he completes me.

Day 24: Post a picture of you and your s/o's form of communication as of now.
face to face.

Day 25: Post a picture of your favorite moment or experience you have had with the Military.
PCSing <3

Day 26: Post a picture of your favorite inspirational quote
Day 27: post a picture of something that remind you of your s/o and tell why
Day 28: post a picture of your s/o in one of his uniforms
Day 29: post a picture of a place you were able to visit because of your s/o being the Military
Day 30: post a picture of your Favorite Military Support Group and tell how it has helped y

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