Sunday, April 24, 2011

21 :)

Day 21: Post a picture of a movie or show you watch because of your s/o being in the Military
I started watching Coming Home on Lifetime because at the time it aired, Sailor was deployed & I wanted to see what the show would actually be like & if the homecomings seemed real.. we won't get into my opinion about the show but let's just say I stopped watching it.

Day 22: Post a picture of what keeps you strong while your military S/o is away
Day 23: Post a picture and tell what your life would be like without your s/o
Day 24: Post a picture of you and your s/o's form of communication as of now.
Day 25: Post a picture of your favorite moment or experience you have had with the Military.
Day 26: Post a picture of your favorite inspirational quote
Day 27: post a picture of something that remind you of your s/o and tell why
Day 28: post a picture of your s/o in one of his uniforms
Day 29: post a picture of a place you were able to visit because of your s/o being the Military
Day 30: post a picture of your Favorite Military Support Group and tell how it has helped yo


  1. I'm very curious to what your view is on the show!

  2. Hate. It.

    Too scripted & unrealistic. Honestly, there is NO way a Captain will let one of his best Navy pilots just fly home early during a 7mo deployment on one of the Navy's best carrier just because his daughter is playing in a concert.

    Perfect example that the show goes way entirely over board & they're making America think that our homecomings are like that. A homecoming should be between 2 people. The new reported from Komo4 news got me sobbing on tape but I didn't ask him to do our story. All I wanted was US & a photographer off to the side capturing our memories.

    I don't see how people are so gulible & think that things like that happen all the time.. & I know they *wouldnt* happen without thee show!

  3. I agree with Kimberly.

    It saddens me because I know and have experienced what happens AFTER the homecoming. My now ex husband came back with severe PTSD, so while R&R and Homecoming were fantastic mini events...the reality wasn't so great. I know it's not like that for everyone but it is for many. That side is never shown. Wouldn't make for good TV huh?

  4. Sailor came home a month ago & we're STILL adjusting back to this life as a married couple. & I catch myself wondering what it would be like if he were gone for longer times & worse places. Would adjustment be harder??

    Its hard enough for us because this was our first. While deployment was breezy (and painful) for both of us since we worked long hours & were both always busy, that adjustment from mainly emails & a few calls back to seeing one another every day is VERY hard. & would not be a good tv show! Although, I think they should show it. That way civilian couples realize its not just the service member who hurts & gets hurt.

    The wives serve as much as they do - in our own way.