Sunday, March 6, 2011

sad? i didn't cry?..

What did you guys think of Army Wives? Coming home?

I wasn't so impressed with Coming Home but I'll blog soon about :) Right now, I'm exhausted & I'm going to bed. Sailor is finally in the same day as me. He had to go through March 6th twice. How many people can say they've skipped a day & lived the same day twice all in 6 months?! Now, I can actually email & talk to him on a normal schedule. Makes me super happy <3



  1. Army wives...didn't impress me how I was wanting it to. I havent watched all of coming home yet

  2. I had to DVR them both, cause hubby wanted to watch The Apprentice last night, so I get to watch then today at some point.

  3. I love how Army Wives always starts slow but it doesn't take long to pick up. I wasn't *impressed* with Army Wives but I wasn't disappointed, either.

    Coming Home? Eh.. I have mixed feelings about it. It was a good show BUT the host? A bit creepy. & some of it was staged. It's obvious.

  4. I have not really been much of a fan of Army Wives, but I did watch it. It was ok to me.

    Now Coming Home I did like. Several of the stories and reunions really hit home for me.

  5. i didn't catch Army Wives,but i liked Coming Home,but i am super emotional right now with not seeing my sailor hardly at all,so i cry about EVERYTHING so i'm pretty sure anything would make me boohoo at the moment!