Sunday, March 6, 2011

Loving *achoo* life

Uh.. pretty sure Mucinex isn't helping me any. Neither is my Claritan. I've been goin on with this sniffle, cough, sneeze, painful face, whining nonsense for over a week now. Thank God the Amoxicillin is working for my ears but that's the only thing working. I haven't sneezed so much in my life! & I sound like I'm coughing up my voice box when I cough.

Lola has turned around - like a completely different dog. Her Amoxicillin and steroids are working wonders for her skin. The clinic called a few days ago and said her blood work came back normal (huge relief) so now we're waiting for her meds to slowly ween off to see if this skin thing comes back like it was before.

Frenchie on the other hand.. Hahaha, well, she's just Frenchie. We're visiting my bestest friend (Holly @ True Love Waits) on Whidbey Island who also has a Beagle named Apollo. Totally Frenchie's boyfriend. Well, one of them ;) & Rotty/Husky mix (I'm pretty sure) named Stanley. Bless his little clumsy self!! Frenchie is just a little hoe. Kissin on everybody that has a mouth and that's willing to let her love on them.

So, yeah.. that was super random & probably a waste of your eye muscles reading so here are some photos from yesterday at the beach:


  1. I"m sorry to hear you are sick! It's going around... I have ear infections in both ears and a sinus infection and so does just about everyone else I know in our area. :( It sucks.

    But I'm glad to hear the doggies are doing better! I'll keep my fingers crossed that Lola's skin issues don't come back after discontinuing the amoxicillin.

  2. Ugh, I know. We're basically in the same 'area' & I'm pretty sure mine is from flying but I feel like I wasn't diagnosed for the right thing. All I was diagnosed with was fluid on both ears but the mucinex? Really.. not gonna check me out for the whole i-can't-breathe-unless-its-through-my-mouth-&-my-whole-face-hurts thing?

    Awesome, Providence.