Thursday, March 17, 2011

BUSY week!

This coming week, and probably the next few months, will be crazy. I mean.. like, running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get everything squared away before Sailor gets home kinda crazy. I probably won't be blogging much since I'm working a lot & when I'm not working I'm really busy. This weekend is supposed to be really nice. Even though it'll be in the 50's, it won't be raining. Hell, I'll take what I can get! It is the Pacific Northwest, ya know ;)

Stacy & I are planning to take the pups and Michael to the beach. Probably Double Bluff and a few others over on Whidbey Island. I don't know what it is.. I just love Whidbey Island. & so do the babies!! Plus, I'm going to be taking a trip to Michael's (craft store) & Jo-Ann's for the crafty things to make my homecoming t-shirt. I decided not to dress up since Sailor hasn't really seen me dressed up before. & I've been told by everyone that he'll probably think I'm crazy for dressing like a looney while it's freezing on the pier. & I'll probably curse myself for wearing heels and a dress in the middle of March. So, I'm just gonna wear nice jeans and my homemade homecoming shirt. :) I plan on getting a black shirt but wearing my long sleeves underneath it for layers. We're also going to take a trip to Northgate & Alderwood Mall. I've never been to Northgate before & it seems like ages since I've been to Alderwood. I want to get some cute diamond stud earrings that aren't cheaply made but are reasonably priced - unlike Wal-Mart. They turn my ears green.

I'll post pictures of my shirt and poster when it's done. :)

Just a little update. I'll try to update as much as possible but remember, I'll be MIA once Sailor is back home. :)

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