Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ya know..

I can always tell when it's close to my husband coming home from a work up that took 2-4wks or a random trip to San Diego for a pre-deployment work up or whatever because I'm SO freakin moody & every single person on the face of earth pisses me off. Whether they sneezed wrong or they're just straight up ALWAYS annoying.

That's probably the main reason I'm off on a freakin rampage about every little thing that pisses me off but ya know.. it's my blog, my life & I can bitch about it. I have all the reasons in the world to bitch. One big reason? My husband hasn't called me since he's been in port. He ALWAYS calls me to tell me they're in port, I always know before he tells me because of the lovely FRG/ALFA group, & just to say Hi because in port calls are much cheaper on the phone card than ship to shore are. I check our bank statement pretty regularly but when he's in port I check it every day to see if he's on liberty or if I need to call Navy Fed to tell them my husband's card has been stolen. It's happen quite a few times to different sailors the day before or of a port call. It's shitty. That's a different topic for a different day.

Reason number 2? Technology HATES me with a passion this past week. My droid took a shit & died. This is my 3rd one since December and now the stupid EPB internet won't stop cutting in & out. Ugh. My Blackberry Storm2 is usually an awesome back up. I've never had a probably out of it. Now, since I'm impatiently waiting for ass wipe to call me, I didn't want to take them to Verizon to have my contacts switch so I'm using my Storm2. The stupid touch feature keeps not working. & It'll freeze where I have to turn it off then on for any text/updates to come through which makes me think he did call but it didn't go through. Then again, he always leaves a message when he calls & I don't answer for whatever reason.

I guess if he's got money he's fine... I usually don't bitch about him spending money in a port because we put a limit on how much he could spend since we still have things to buy & pay for. Things just don't pay for themselves when he's gone & groceries don't buy themselves.

Anywho.. I think I'm going to watch some Dexter. It's a gorgeous day outside & I haven't even left the house :/ Ugh. One of those days. I wanna take the girls outside & let them roam around in the yard. Maybe I will when they wake up from their nap since they're freakin grouchy when I wake them up.

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  1. I think we all have times where nothing seems to go right and no one can say anything that doesn't jump all over that last nerve. I hope your day gets better from here on out, though.