Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I normally don't do this but I'd like to get to know my followers! :) Since I have way more than I thought I would when I started blogging I don't see any better time to do this than now. So, if you want to just post a little something about yourself :)

oh & btw, post your blog(s) URLs because some of my followers don't show any thing on their profile. I'd love to follow you back! :)

Hope to hear from you soon. xoxox


  1. I'm Kelly Marie and I'm a navy girl too :) We are stationed in Japan though.

  2. I follow you in my Google Reader, but not with the Google Friend connect thing... I'm still not completely sure what that does, haha. But you know me from Twitter :) And my blog is


    My names Ashley and my blog is under construction so I apologize in advance! I love your blog, very insightful.

  4. You know me 8)Your husband is best friend's with my brother in law 8p lol

  5. My name is Sarah and I am also a navy wife.
    I met you through facebook initially, but have been reading your blog for quite awhile. :)

  6. Im Jennifer, and Im an Army wife. I have 2 blogs--one I am bad at keeping up with and one I write in every day (my occasional one) (every day)

  7. Well, I am a little late getting to this, but I guess better late than never. Hi! I am Jessica! I am married to my high school sweetheart who is in the Army reserves and is currently in the midst of his 3rd deployment (along with my brother)
    I am a new follower, started following after I saw you were following along my blog =)

    my blog is: