Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

So, I haven't blogged in a very long time so I figured why not now.. why not the new year? I have a few resolutions I wanna fulfill this year:

  1. Start & complete a project 365 blog
  2. No soda - what so EVER; coffee is okay ;)
  3. Start being a healthier person
  4. Make it through the last few months of our 1st deployment
ANYwho.. So, I little up date of me, since Hubby is deployed- Hubby left in Sept for a routine deployment with the USS Abraham Lincoln & their strike group. He'll be home VERY soon :) I've actually handled this deployment a LOT better than I thought I would which makes me (& hubby) very happy. I'm so very proud of him because he's been so strong this whole time. Sept came & went then 2 months on the dot my car was stolen. To wrap it up in a nut shell, it was stolen out of my own parking space at our apartment complex, my friend/boss followed the man out, wrecked the car then he ran with my $300 coach purse. Thankfully, USAA totaled out the car because I wouldn't feel so safe driving something that was torn up soo bad & all that. So, 10 days after it was stolen and everything I came home to TN. I've been staying with my parents since Nov 17th & will be here until the 1st week of February. I'm so happy I got to spend this much time with my family for all the holidays which would have been harder doing it alone. But, I'm also thankful for all my supportive Navy wife friends in WA who have helped me through everything! The 1st week of February we're going to start our across country road trip from TN to WA; me, my parents, their 2 Pug's & my 2 Chihuahua's - should be interesting to say the least. I'm so ready to be back in WA in our own apartment living our life again. & I'm soo ready for my Sailor to be back home. I love that he's getting closer (time zone wise, anyways) to the states but we still have a bit to go. We're 59% down, 41% to go :)

Happy New Year,

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