Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bumble bees

are every freakin where.. & in a weird way, I miss this when I'm in WA. Out of the two years we've lived in WA, I haven't seen all that many bees or snakes.. I'm very thankful for that, too! One, I hate snakes simply because my brother used to go 'snake hunting' when we were younger & when he found one, he's stick it in my face nonchalantly & scream, 'KIMM! LOOK! A SNAKE!!' I mean.. obviously it's a snake & if you didn't realize, it's in my face. He was only about 8 & just being the mean big brother he was. I'm not too fond of snakes.. regardless if it isn't poisonous or not. If it slithers & has no legs.. I run & scream.

Now, bumble bees, wasps, anything that stings & has wings.. I'm highly allergic to & scream like a little 2 year old sissy. Every time I go outside & feel something on me I'm convinced it's a bee of some sort & I'll swell up like a big ballon. I've had my fare share of bee stings, tobacco with a band-aid to draw out the stinger, etc. I'm deathly afraid. I kick, scream, cry.. anything. I hate when they get inside the car during the 5 seconds it takes to get in the car & shut the door. I'll ride with all the windows down until that effer gets out of the car.

Soo, anywho.. as I'm sitting here enjoying this nice little breeze, sunshine & my nephew.. I can just feel the stress lift off of my shoulders. Sailor & I had a good talk today about why I shouldn't stress so much about things I can't control. I have major problems with stress & things I can't control. I'm so used to having control over my own life that when we got married & he left for the Navy.. it all changed & went out the window. He's been in the Navy for 3 years & we've been married for 3 years. I know I should probably already had this all figured out but I haven't. I have too much time on my hands to think. When I'm work & baby is sleeping, I think.. when I'm driving.. I think. It's an issue. Maybe I need to get back on the bookworm wagon.

I need to do a lot of things but.. most of it probably won't happen ;) ;)

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  1. I sometimes feel incredible amounts of stress over stuff I can't control myself... it sucks. I'm better about it than I used to be, and having the kids certainly helped me to be that way.

    I also have a lot of things I need to do that might not happen.