Thursday, April 14, 2011

101 blog posts

Since my last blog post made 101 posts since I've had this blog I thought I'd get some blog topic ideas.. I'm running dry & can't seem to blog about anything since my day-to-day life is about the same. I have a boring life.. especially when Sailor is home. All we do is work, come home, eat dinner, watch a few movies, play with the girls, etc. Nothing exciting but I do love that he's home. :) I'd say that I would give any excitement for him to be home with me.

Sooo, I guess to "celebrate" me being past 100 posts I wanna do a guest blogger. I'm looking for:

  • A MilSpouse that has been through (or is going through) at least one deployment.
  • Blogs on the regular
Not much, right?! So, if you want to be a guest blogger just shoot me an email at & I'll be accepting emails until Sunday at midnight PST! :)

What I'll do is put how ever many emails I have into & they'll pick this number for me. Sound like something you're interested in doing? Don't hesitate to email me. I'd like to do one or 2 a month. You can blog about how the military has treated you, the good & the bad (in your eyes), how deployment went for you two, etc. & it can be anything life related. If you're the winner, we'll get everything squared away & I'd like to have the blog posted no later than Friday, April 22nd. :) This will keep things kind of up to beat on my end & it'll expose your blog to all of my followers!

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

PS. If you don't have a blog & would just like to blog once, still shoot me an email. :)

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