Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My day.. {photos}

I took Dad to Seattle today. We went up the Space Needle - it was both our first - & it was simply amazing; even on a rainy day! I was impressed at how much we could see up there! I know Sailor is going to love it when he gets home. Once we went up the Space Needle, walked around outside, ate home-wrecker hot dogs for $7 & took tons of photos we went over to Pike Place Market. I've been tons of times. I definitely prefer going in the spring/summer when it's sunny out - rain doesn't cut it. A lot of people don't set up on rainy day.. or maybe because it was during the week? Not sure.

Here is my day in photos:

I realize this is side ways. I'm too lazy to rotate it. :)

At the top of the Space Needle it was snowing a bit but as soon as it got to the ground, it had turned into snow. Ground level it was about 41* & rainy. What else do you expect of Seattle in early March?! ;)


  1. aw poor rachel (the pig) is in the hospital :( looks like you had tons of fun though! If you like hot dogs- you should check out po dog, they're pretty fantastic!

  2. I know! :( there is a pink pig there now. Lol I heard about the wreck & stuff while I was in TN. I still haven't got a picture on the pig yet. Maybe soon! :)

    Where is po dog? I love love love kosher dogs.

  3. My husband and I just did this for our anniversary! It's fun isn't it? I do encourage you to go up the Space Needle again when it's sunny, you can see so far!

    Glad you had a good time!

  4. Of course today is nice, warmer & partly cloudy.... LOL.

    Hubby comes home this month so we plan to do it soon! :) hopefully when he's on leave it'll be nice & warm outside so we can take a trip to seattle & do the day pass thing.

  5. AHHHH LOVED ALL THE PICTURES GIRL! really creative! :) i am so excited for yours to come!