Tuesday, March 29, 2011

is failing..

at being a good blogger. I'm making up for it in my marriage & life, though. He's home - I'm soaking all of this in before he leaves again. & I don't have time to blog right now. Between work and him working palm period** right now, I'm super busy.

Thanks, guys!

**Palm Period is where the ship company only works their duty days. Sailor's duty days are every 8 days but he has 'sister section' every 4 where he only works half a day. So, every 8 days he works 730am to 730am & every 4 days he works from 730am to about 3ish (they aren't consistant so it's anywhere from 1-3pm). He's basically home every single day from work until after his leave.

He took leave from April 9th for 10 days. After his leave is up - he reports back to work and works his normal 730 to 330, 5 days a week + duty day work schedule.

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