Tuesday, March 15, 2011

boats and hoes

Let me just start off with saying I'm sorry for being such a slacker. Not only a blogging slacker but I haven't even read or commented on ANYONE's blogs lately. I've been so busy with life. Figured you guys would understand.

I started back to work full time on Monday. 6-3, Mon-Fri. Then, I usually either tan or work out.. if not both after work, run errands, go to the store.. whatever. I filed my taxes on Friday. Our refund amount went from 1116.00 to -279.00 in about 2 seconds. I knew I would have to end up paying this year around since I didn't pay taxes on my pay. I'm a Nanny & the 'Nanny Tax' is pretty expensive so we agreed that it would be cheaper to do it this way so I could get my full pay every week. She basically paid me to pay for my taxes. Which is AWESOME! So, I was basically getting a refund plus paying 279. With the left over money, Sailor & I had agreed we would buy a 42 inch lcd tv.

Stacy & I took a trip to Best Buy to 'tv shop' and ended buying a 42 inch LG LCD tv :) Now, we finally have a decent sized tv in our living room & our PS3 will work on it. AND we have cable in our bedroom as well. Finally, we're getting totally settled in. Ya know, only a year after living in this apartment and living in WA for 2yrs. No big deal or anything ;)

Other than that, I've just been working & catching up with friends before all of our Sailors get back home! Friday night was one of the best nights I've had in a while. My good friend's husband flew home 2wks early from deployment. Our Sailors had a port call in Hawaii to drop off Sailors to fly home so they could make room for all the Tigers for the Tiger Cruise. Once they get to San Diego, they'll be doing the exact same thing but Sailor decided to just take leave in April because we both wanted the big, REAL homecoming on the pier.

I was lucky enough to capture the moments of the Bailey Family's homecoming at the Seattle-Tacoma airport this past Friday. I was sooo happy for Amber & Cooper to be reunited with Griffin. So emotional but it was so heart warming! I'll be posting pictures soon.

& thank you for understanding why I haven't been on in a bit.


  1. sounds like u r pretty busy again...I wish I could go back to work but some time soon I think it will be possible again.
    Greetings from South Korea

  2. I was out of work for 2 months because we had both went home for the holidays since our Sailors are deployed. I came back in late Feb and she came back earlier this month. So glad to be back to work!

  3. Oh man... two month vacation followed by 6 am mornings. KILLER! I hope you are adjustng well!

  4. I didn't really have much of a vacation. I went from a 2 yr old to my 4 yr old nephew. Taking him and picking him up from pre-school, etc. LOL.

  5. Busy is good 8) It helps those last few days go by just a bit quicker. Hope you're getting settled back in well.

  6. you've got a lot to catch up on, don't feel bad!! Home coming is sooo close huh? same for us! I was gonna meet the boat at their last post call, but when that got changed ( no shocker) Skunky and I decided to wait and do the 'real' homing at the pier as well! and I'm STOKED! Just a little while longer girl...hope it goes fast for you!

  7. I'm so happy that your time is coming to an end!