Sunday, February 27, 2011

You've got mail.

Just to start off with, I'm sorry for being AWAL - I flew out of Chattanooga, TN about 1030am Eastern & landed in Chicago, IL around 1130am Central then FINALLY landed in Seattle, WA at 230pm Pacific. Everything was going good all day, we had enough time in Chicago to go potty, get Starbucks & to relax for about 15 minutes before boarding for a 4hr flight to SeaTac. We get to SeaTac, get our bags, & go to Alamo where we reserved our rental. As we were checking in, the man asked my Dad for his driver's license. He says "Sir, they expired on the 18th" which is my Dad's birthday. When you don't have to renew your licenses but every 5 yrs (mine are like that, too) you completely forget you have to renew them. I wasn't mad - just a little panicked because I'm not 21 yet and can't rent a car. I think it's probably the stupidest thing ever. So, we get a taxi from the airport to my apartment which is about 35 minutes without traffic - with traffic, just depends. The fare was 102 freakin dollars! Dad paid it because 'he didn't renew his licenses & it was his fault' although I offered like 5 times to pay it. The guy is unloading our bags and stuff then I realized I left my backpack at the airport. I had to 'gate check' it since it was too bulky to fit in the over the compartment. Okay, that's cool but I had been carrying it around all day & I guess I got used to it being on my back I didn't even think about it at SeaTac.

I tell my dad I have to go to the main apartment office real quick & I'll be back. He had no idea why & I didn't want to tell him until we got inside the apartment. In my backpack was my door key. Go freakin figure!! Sooo, I had to borrow it from the front office for like the entire afternoon on Friday.

I tried getting a rental car by just talking them into it. Didn't work out that way but they were nice enough to tell me that if I went through my insurance to get a 'replacement car rental' it would work even though I'm not 21. I called USAA (best insurance in my opinion) & they authorize me a rental through Enterprise & give me a confirmation number. It was a 10 dollar taxi ride from my apartment to Enterprise. We spend TWO hours there. We get there at 5:30 & they close at 6. The man was sooo nice & understanding that he stayed there until 7:30 at night! Anyways, USAA kept going back and forth with each other through claims and policies. I didn't have full coverage insurance.. well, because I didn't have a car at the time - DUH! So, USAA & Enterprise couldn't actually rent me a car so while sitting there racking our brains for a loop hole.. my Dad calls Mom. Mom has the best idea ever - to put me on their insurance just so I have full coverage insurance. I'm not sure how it worked since I filed the claim through USAA.. but whatever. It got us a rental - a badass Chrysler Town & Country. Can you see a nearly 21 yr old driving a mini van? Especially with no kids? Lmao.

We get the rental and head straight back to the airport. By the way, neither of us had anything to eat since 7am Eastern time & it was nearly 8pm Pacific (11pm Eastern). About 30 minutes later & a half mile walk.. we're at the airport and at the baggage claim center for American Airlines. I tell the lady my name, flight number & what my bag looks like. "Ma'am, we don't have a Kimberly Garner in our system" to which I replied "I gate checked my back pack. It looks like a hiking back pack & it's grey/black." As she's looking around the front of the store she says "Oh, okay. I see you here now but there aren't any bags left here." I think I had a heart attack. My brand new $500 DSLR camera, toothbrush & laptop were all in that bag.. I was about to cry, flip the f**k out on someone if it was stolen & they didn't even realize it & probably die all at once. All the while I'm standing there thinking to myself "what's behind that door over there? More bags unclaimed?" & then the woman said "Well.... I guess I can look in the back" & then continues to yell "Oh!! Here it is!!" I could have seriously punched her in the face for pissing me off then hugging her for having my bag.

Our Friday was very eventful to say the least. I'm so glad that day is over!! We ordered Chinese delivery the same night around 915pm & it didn't get here until 1030pm. Dad passed out on the couch right after I ordered it, I told him to go get in bed & of course, right when he lays down *diiiiiing, dooooong* the food is here. OF COURSE! I ate & went to sleep. I don't think I had slept so hard in a very long time.

Saturday was a lot better!! We woke up, ate some junk for breakfast because that's all I had then I went to the grocery store. I spent $135 on nothing it seems like.. I wish the commissary was closer. Ugh, I wouldn't have spent THAT much. After we unloaded & put all the food away, we hit the road to Shoreline. We got to the Enterprise dealership to look for me a car because I don't trust all these 'down home used car lots' around here. The cheapest they had was about 9k for a 2007 Ford Focus. I like the Focuses but I can't see myself driving it in five years. So, the next thing they had was a 2009 Chevy Cobalt. It was awesome, such a smooth, quite ride & nice features! Plus, my Dad pointed out plenty of leg room in the passenger side which is a HUGE plus for Sailor.

Plus, the only thing cosmetically wrong with it is a few scratches on the door handle on the inside. To say the least, I'm totally in love with it & I'm very proud of myself for basically doing it on my own with the support of Pops!!

Here is Dad's side of the story:
Mr Smith goes to Washington....STATE!
Travel cross country to WA - get off the plane in Seattle - go to Alamo to rent a car that is reserved- Man behind desk, "Ah Mr Smith we have a problem... Your license has expired...." My response "The HELL you say?" Thats the last thing I was expecting! Kim cant rent one cause shes not 21 yet. A $102.00 taxi ride later we get to her apartment in Everett. Oh it gets better, Kim leaves her backpack at the airport (laptop, new camera etc..) We finally figger out that her insurance will let her rent a car.Another taxi ride to Enterprise (25.00). Well she cant get a car because she doesnt have full coverage ins., she dropped it to liabilty after her Expedition was stolen. After an hour at Enterprise, Mechelle(my dearly beloved wife) saves the day and suggests we put her on our ins. They let her have minivan(very nice one by the way). At this point a couple of mules or a rickshaw would tickle me to death. Shoot a little red wagon and some rope to hook her two dogs to and let them pull us around town! But lo and behold we are safe and sound. She is the proud owner of a 09 chevy cobalt. Feb 25 2011 was an adventure to say the least.


  1. 'Some' rental car places will rent to 18 and older, but you usually have to put down a $500 or so 'hold' that you get back when you return the car. I had to do that once. But glad you were able to work it all out and were able to quickly buy a car.

    I guess the airport security didn't look at his ID very well! They should have been the ones to catch it LOL. But at least he knows now so he can get it replaced.

    Hope you get to do the things you wanted to do with your dad while he's in town.

  2. I've heard that before but all of the ones in the phone book were 21 yrs of age. Plus, if I did find one that was 18 or older I couldn't rent without Mom putting me on their insurance because when I filed my claim with USAA they automatically took my insurance down to liability. Which, I understand.. why have or pay for full coverage when you don't have a car?

    & I totally told Dad about his license! You'd think they would have caught that but I guess if the face & name match that's all that matters. LOL

  3. bahahah!! i love your dad's side of the story! :) it's so funny! i'm glad you're back safe and sound. WITH your slr camera! :)

  4. Bahahaha, could you see Frenchie & Lola pulling us around Everett?!