Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Marine family in need!

A Lance Corporal at Camp Lejeune lost his home in a fire on V-Day while making his wife breakfast (He returned from Afghanistan on Saturday)The only thing that was saved was a basket of laundry, as the home burned to the ground. He has a wife & 18 month old daughter, and they are in desperate need of ANYTHING that anyone can donate and/or transport to Jacksonville, NC. Contact 1st Sgt. Daniel Mangrum @910.451.4719

IF you live in the area and want to drop off items, you can take them to Camp Lejeune Base on "F" Street to building HP217 which is the First Batallion Second Marines Building.

Let them know that you are there to drop off things for the Marine Family in need per 1st Sgt. Daniel Mangrum. **Just note that the base will be closed on Monday**

The address that any cash or gift card donations can go to is: H&S Company, First Batallion, Second Marines, PSC 20094, Camp Lejeune, NC 28542. Make sure to include in the letter that the gift card is to go to the Marine Family. You may address it to 1st Sgt. Daniel Mangrum on the envelope. :)

He is with 1/2 he was detached from the Regiment for this deployment
It is a baby girl, however at this time they don't need anymore baby items.

The Facebook group - Help Out Our Marine Family

Jacksonville / New Bern Peeps:
I have a lady in the New Bern area willing to donate furniture in 2 wks if someone can transport it for her. Does anyone have or know someone who has a truck?

Sizes for the couple:
Lance Corporal Noble
Pants: 32-30
Shirts: Med-lg
Shoes: 10 ½
Pants: 9-10
Shirts: med-lg
Shoes: 9 ½

Gift certificates for the commissary or a gift card for Wal-Mart would be awesome!

I keep adding information as I get it.

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