Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Yay! It's finally another Tuesday which means we're 24 weeks into this deployment! Time slowed down for a bit but now that I'm going back home to Washington, where we're stationed - home, home will always be Tennessee, on Friday it seems to have picked up a little more. I'm trying to get everything done so I can enjoy my days left here for a bit. I'm finally done packing everything except what I'll wear for the rest of the week. Phew! I start with 3 suitcases PLUS my carry on. Now, we're down to one suit case, my carry on & one dog. Dad has his suit case, his carry on & one dog.

The trick? We put a carry on size suitcase in the big suitcase, packed small things like undies, shirts, socks, etc in the space around the small suitcase, packed the small suitcase & then put even more stuff on top of that. So, technically we're taking 4 suitcases but only have to take care of two! :) Love Mom & her awesome ideas. We'll probably be over the weight and have to pay extra but that seriously beats having to pay $25 for the first one (x2) & $35 for the 2nd one (x2) PLUS $100 per dog. I'd much rather pay for two bags total.

My carry on bag is going to be sooooo heavy. Oy. Plus carrying one of the girls in their bag.. guess that's what I get for staying in TN for nearly 3 months. ;) I was totally stressin about my luggage situation last night & was determined to go through it and leave stuff behind that I knew I wouldn't need. Like my over coats.. since it usually doesn't get THAT cold in WA & plus, I have a pretty thick jacket I always wear. So, that's not a biggy. What I wasn't so thrilled about leaving behind were my *new* flat black hills I got from Goodwill. See, I told you they were new ;) Ugh, I was totally looking forward to wearing them to church & stuff :/ Oh well. Mom gave me these things for our balcony. They're kinda like wind-chimes but they don't make noise, they're just really cute & hang there. I had to leave behind my awesome slip on flats that I got from Goodwill, too. They're black with bright different colored starts.

Hmph. I hate buying stuff & not being able to bring it back with me. I still have a few things from a few years ago I haven't been able to bring back with me because of the size or weight. Grr.. like my crock pot. I guess I'll just buy a different one in WA since they're kinda cheap the cheap ones get the job done, too.

Ahhhh, I'm just so stoked about getting back to Washington! Finding a car, showing off Seattle to Dad, planting my new flowers I got, making my patio cute, seeing my best fran Holly for a change & finally going back to work!! I'm just ready to see "Welcome to Washington" at the airport <3

On a crappy note: It's supposed to start storming here on Friday which is the day we leave AND it's supposed to start snowing for 4 days starting Friday. Totally stoked. *sarcasm* I mean.. I like the snow but the snow isn't the way I was planning on car shopping. I can do the rain.. but snow.. mehh :/ Makes me just want to stay inside all day & watch TV/Netflix. The girls don't even like snow. Lola probably won't go potty outside if she has to walk in the snow. I suppose I should buy those boot things for them. My dogs are so high matence it's not even funny but if that's what makes her go poop outside then I'm fine with that.

So... anyways, I've lost 2lbs in the past week! YAY. That's 12lbs total. I'm so excited. I haven't seen really any change. My stomach is getting a bit smaller but when I get settled back in to my apt I'm going to go to Wal-Mart & get me a measuring tape like they use on fabric to measure myself & start tracking that in addition to my weight! I can't wait to start fitting into smaller jeans again. I'm so ready to be back to a size 10.. or at least a size 12. I'd be happy in a size M, too! Ugh. My boobs have gotten to big but I'm sure as I lose weight their size will go down, too. I'm ready for my shirts to start fitting right.

& here we are.. it's Tuesday. & I'm updated :) It's kinda all over the place but I'm doing a million things at once right now.

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  1. That is great about the weight loss!! Keep up the good work!