Thursday, February 24, 2011

biiiiiiig day tomorrow!!

So, as you all know, if you've been reading my blog for a while now, I'm heading back to Washington tomorrow morning - excited? VERY much! I'm nervous, too. I always get nervous before I fly, especially with the pups, because I feel like something is going to go wrong, we'll be delayed a million days or I'll forget to pack something very important.

On that note, I'm going to have to make sure tonight that everything is packed up & I have clothes for tomorrow because knowing me.. I'll pack up ALL of my clean clothes tonight & not leave anything for tomorrow. It's happened. I even packed up all of my pajamas Wednesday like a really smart person would *rolls eyes* I mean.. who even does that?! Knowing you have to sleep for 3 more days before you get to unpack again but pack it all up anyways. At least I was smart enough to leave out eight pair of undies.. EIGHT!! Uh, that's definitely enough for 4 days.

Who did I even get my brains from? Not my mother when it comes to packing that's for sure. I can never pack like she can. I can hand her a house full and she'd make it fit into a carry on bag. May weight 100lbs but buddy it's packed in there. I'm getting better though considering I've flown 3 round trips since I've been in WA & I've seen Cody pack his sea bag a million times it feels like.. I've even helped him with it so I've got the whole military-folding-style-to-make-it-all-fit-in-a-tight-space thing down. It really does make packing a bit easier & you can fit more into your suitcases that way. Cool, huh.

One of the major things I'm totally stressing about right now is that it's snowing like a mofo in Seattle & we got delayed for FOG Christmas 09.. I'm really curious to see if they will delay because of the snow.. or if it's just because of minor fog. Seattle, REALLY?! You delayed because of fog but haven't delayed us because of snow? I don't even know how to feel about that. I'm definitely not complaining & I pray we don't get delayed because we won't be happy campers if that were to happen. *knock on wood* it's never happened before & I hope it never happens at all. If it does, they could at least put us up in a hotel or something.

I NEED to get a car on Saturday. When I say NEED.. it's then or I'll be walking to work and back. We rented a car from tomorrow when we land until Monday. As you know, not many car lots are open on Sunday. Actually, NONE are open from where I'm from but that's the Bible belt. Anyways, I have to find a car & purchase it on SATURDAY or find a car from a person who is selling their on Sunday. I'm hoping that we won't be exhausted tomorrow and can actually look around Everett & narrow down the used car lots we're going to check out. If I could drive a stick.. it would make it A LOT easier for me to find a car. 85% of the cars I've found were 5 or 6 speed but they were exactly what I was looking for.. like a Honda Civic or a VW Passat. I've found plenty of Passat's at the used car lots so I'm hoping I hit the jackpot pretty soon so I can get it registered & everything tomorrow or Saturday. That way I can go on base to get my base stickers even faster so that'll be outta the way. Since.. my bank is on base and all of that.. or it's to drive 25 (45 minutes with traffic) to Marysville to the ONLY other branch.

I really, kinda, sorta hope the snow melts just for one day so Dad & I can go to Seattle to explore the Space Needle and Pike Place. I've never been up the Space Needle nor even remotely close to it unless driving on I-5 counts.. which I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Sailor & I took Mom to Seattle this past May to Pike Place and to walk around - such a beautiful Spring day.. windy, but beautiful! It was one of the nicest days I remember. I absolutely LOVE going to downtown Seattle and just walking, people watching & soaking up the city life.

One favor I ask of all of my lovely, dedicated followers is that you send up tons of prayers to -whichever- God you pray to that we have safe, stress-free travels tomorrow & I can find a car in a decent time <3


  1. When you go to Pike Place I highly recommend going to Pike Place Brewery for a bite (awesome food, awesome Brew) and getting a Apple Pastry at Pirosky! Pirosky! across from the market towards the end (right end if you are facing the market on Pike). LOVE SEATTLE (I grew up 100 miles to the East)! OH and if you are doing the Market and the Space Needle in the same day take the monorail from one to the other the round trip ticket is pretty cheap and completes the experience of the two things.

  2. Good Luck hun, I hope you have a boring, uneventful, non-delayed flight back to Washington 8)

    I hope you're able to go to the Space Needle with your dad, on one of the rare occasions that it's a clear day (lol) you get an amazing view, especially of Mt Rainier. I use to sell my jewelry in front on the Space Needle on the weekends 8) It was great for people watching.
    I loved pike place too. Wish I could go back to visit again *sigh*

    Good Luck with the car search, I hope you find something this weekend that meets your needs.

  3. Yay! Thanks Megan!! I'll have to look into that. I'm not 21 yet (UGH!) so I'll treat my dad to some nice brew & definitely take Sailor back when he gets home. He loves good brew!

    We were at the upstairs part of the Market & saw Mt. Rainer <3 it's gorgeous. It's SUPER amazing when you can see it all the way in Everett on a really clear day! I love summer for that reason <3 My boss never knew that was Mt. Ranier & how far away it really was. LOL. I'm hoping to take some awesome photos when we go up & to the market with my awesome camera!

  4. ily, kimbyyy! you'll do fine, the roads in oak harbor aren't even wet anymore. it snowed again today but the roads are clear and everything. you should be fine tomorrow. :) keep me updated.